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What do I wear?

Like everything else Sasha plans, this is going to be a bit extra. The only way we can describe the dress code is "whimsical garden party meets Kentucky Derby chic". Have fun with it, bring out those hats, and dress to impress!

What's the food and drink situation?

We will be serving heavy appetizers and an open beer/cider/wine bar after the ceremony. All food will be gluten free and celiac safe, some food will be dairy free, but because everything will be buffet style we cannot guarantee that any other allergens can be completely avoided.

So there's no dinner/dancing?

Nope! We would rather spend our wedding day in a relaxed cocktail hour setting with our loved ones. So plan on a chill afternoon and early evening where you get to eat, drink, and every introvert's favorite- leave by 7 to be in your pajamas by 9.

is there a hotel?

Due to the small size of our wedding, we do not have any dedicated space in a hotel block. If you need help finding accommodations for the weekend, please reach out an we will be happy to point you in the direction of some great B&Bs in the Stillwater area!